What Our Patients Say About Dr. J Moran

"Dr. Moran is awesome!! So wished I would have found and gone to him first!! His surgical philosophy is much more evolved from all the other “old school” podiatrist. Dr. Moran’s philosophy is when cutting bones and doing radical surgeries is not helping, but actually hurting people, it’s time to change your approach. Unfortunately , I had a terrible year after a bunion surgery that was performed by a different doctor went terribly wrong, actually causing my big toe to cross on top of my second toe, major bone reabsorption, a screw put in, and chronic pain. Terrible and crippling outcomes is exactly why Dr. Moran doesn’t cut through bone. He explained that it’s not the bone causing the issue, but the soft tissues and tendons.

Those soft tissues can be manipulated producing the best and safest results, bringing your foot back into good form and getting you back on your feet. Dr. Moran performed a tenectomy to bring my big toe off my second toe. He did the surgery in his office in his surgery room. The entire procedure was in and out in about 30 minutes.. I was made to feel very comfortable and my foot was completely numbed. There was a shield so I did not see any blood or yucky stuff during the surgery. Didn’t feel anything but movement and pressure. No pain. No stitches, barely even a hole in the skin. Jonathan, Dr. Moran’s surgery assistant, has been wonderful!! He pampered me during surgery and has followed up on me and changed my bandages that were only needed for a few days.

The entire office is fabulous!! Fortunately, I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and they covered the procedure. All I had to pay was my deductible. Needless to say, the proof was in the pudding, that simple procedure corrected my problem before I was even wheeled out after surgery. My x ray after surgery is the proof!! Thank you Dr. Moran for being a good guy, patient focused and thinking outside the box. God bless!! Please refer to the comments section to see my x rays."

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